Friday, March 17, 2017

My Story, Time Warper Part #1 (Blog Post #6)

It was the eve of Logan’s sixteenth birthday and he had gone into the nearby town of Daugth to pick up a few household items. On his way to the market, he stumbled past the town’s blind beggar, Hadvar, with his head held low, and body slumped against a nearby post, his hands outstretched forming a cup.  
Logan diverted his course to the market and reached into the pouch on his belt to grab a few silver coins. His pouch jingled slightly as he slid his hand out and over Hadvar’s hand. He crouched and gently deposited the coins in his palm and straightened to walk away. After a single step, a cold stern hand gripped onto Logan’s wrist and held him in place. Havar lifted his head up high as if to look at Logan and said,

Beware time’s endless loops of bliss
Only misery shall come to those amiss
If you’re found lost in the past
Seek out the memories of other’s lost
Thou shall not alter the lives of old
Or face the consequences of time untold.

Panic raced through every aspect of Logan’s body due to the unexpected contact from Hadvar. His eyes were hauntingly white and emitted a chill of uncertainty. Logan hesitated as the grip on his hand subsided. Hadvar collapsed sideways and lay on the ground mumbling nonsense like a madman.
Logan, worried, strode away to the town square still shaken by the unexpected encounter and short of a few coins. There was a commotion going on when Logan arrived at the town square, it is said that a new stranger had appeared in town and he goes by the name of Ender.
He was depicted as a strange fellow that was not accustomed to our culture or our dialect of tongue. He spoke with a voice of authority and confidence as if he knew the exact reason to be in Daugth when he was.
Something that seemed to peak most of the townsfolk’s attention about him, was the gold and platinum encrusted stopwatch that hung out of his tawny leather coat pocket. It seemed to be more advanced than anything they have seen before because of the intricate design and the way the cogs emitted ecstatic blue sparks that faintly resembled lightning.
Logan was intrigued by the unexpected visitor but had better things to do so the thought just echoed in the back of his mind. He made his way over to the town’s butcher shop to buy some cuts of meat. He also stopped by some of the local vendors to purchase a variety of bread, cheese, and candles.
When Logan left the town square he noticed the appearance of enormous black and gray clouds and a chill in the air. A big storm was rapidly approaching the small town and Logan needed to hurry home to bring all of the recently purchase material to his father.

On his way out of the town he again, stopped by the beggar Hadvar and handed him a  loaf of bread and a few strips of dried meat. His mood had seemed to change from what is was earlier because now Hadvar had a calm demeanor settled over him, as if he had found peace with the earlier experience.

Reading Experiences #1 (Blog Post #5)

I have been reading for as long as I can remember, However, I didn't start taking a "passion" in reading until I was in fifth grade. This is where I had started reading larger novels such as the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan. My mom had introduced me to larger books and I took an interest in most things dealing with mythology. I had found something that I found very exciting and awesome which had involved the greek and roman gods and goddesses. When I found out that books would incorporate these as the main story I fell in love. I went to the book fair at my elementary school and got the book, The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. It wasn't all just about mythology however because when I was in 7th grade I started to read the inheritance cycle which is a fantasy/sci-fy fiction book about a young boy by the name of Eragon who becomes a dragon rider. There was a movie made about this which was not taken too well. I am still constantly reading and my own writing style has been affected by the books I would read. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


     This story has some irony in it which helps to explain the happiness. The irony of it, is that she gets her birthmark removed because she thinks the guy would not want to spend his life with her and start a family with her if she had it, but then it comes back in the end and that is when he proposes to her because he is happy and loves her for herself. This story can help us understand happiness because it shows the deeper values of life and that not everything is about what is on the surface. This story is just another that will give us a new aspect to look for in life that can affect our lives. 

Ted Talk Reflection

     Image result for money The ted talk, How to Buy Happiness, by Michael Norton is focused on how spending money certain ways can make you happier. The saying, "Money can't buy you happiness" is used as an example in this video and it is proven wrong. Michael Norton conducts multiple experiments with people from Canada, all the way to people from Africa, and all around the world, to compare the results so it would be more accurate. The experiment was based off of spending money on yourself and spending money on others and to see who was happier in the end. It turns out that the people who spent money on other people were happier then they were originally. It isn't about WHAT you spend your money on, but HOW you spend the money. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

TED Talk by Dan Gilbert

The Science of Happiness

In class on Monday, we watched the TED talk, The Surprising Science of Happiness, by Dan Gilbert and he explains, why humans are happy. He uses science to back up his claim about synthetic happiness and real happiness. He conducts experiments and uses the results so he does not get biased information. He explains that the human brain has evolved over time and because of this, we are able to depict scenarios and outcomes inside our head before they happen. We are able to do this because when our brain was evolving it got the Frontal lobe and the Prefrontal cortex. The main focus is on the prefrontal lobe which allows us to simulate processes in our own head. However, like everything in life, things can malfunction and mess up. Impact bias is, “The tendency for the simulator(prefrontal lobe) to work badly or mess up”. This can cause a false belief in what we believe will happen and what will probably happen. Synthetic happiness is the ability for us to change the view of the world around us to make us believe we are happy. An example would be I only have 20 dollars and my library fine is 50 dollars, but at least I have 20 dollars less to pay. It is like a growth mindset in a way, where you can trick your brain into thinking differently for the same problem, you are open-minded. When we are stuck with a decision to make, we have a “psychological immune system” that will allow us to make a choice. It is easier to make a  decision for what we want when we are pinned down and we have to make a decision between two things and there is no way around getting both.

I believe that his studies have contributed very much to his research and for the overall knowledge of other people. The research that he conducted on normal people was compared with the research on people with amnesia and the results were not dramatically different. This research was conducted to show the proof of synthetic happiness and how it would affect our life in many ways. It affects the decisions we make because as human beings, we are biased and become attached to the things we love and get close to.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I like rain. Rain is one thing that makes me happy because its nice and its fun to stand in. Everyone knows that it barely rains in California so when it does I'm happy because we need it. I like just staring at the rain and if it rains enough my backyard gets flooded basically. Sometimes I'll go outside and jump in my trampoline while it rains. I like to be outside in the rain but also you can be inside. Some people don't like rain so they stay inside and drink like hot chocolate and watch a movie or something, which is pretty fun. I believe that happiness is an emotion that can only happen during a certain moment. The thought that would trigger happiness would be complete peace/harmony/acceptance with the current situation with whatever is happening. I believe that happiness is important because sometimes it is hard to come by and it is the one thing that can counter many feelings such as guilt and grief.